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    Best Botanical Gardens In Donetsk Near You

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    Best Botanical Gardens In Donetsk Near You

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    1. Donetsk Botanical Garden

    1549 reviews
    Donetsk Botanical Garden
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    Address: просп. Ильича, 110, Donetsk, Донецкая, Ukraine, 83000

    Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

    Telephone: +380 622 941 280

    Guy: Botanical garden

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    We help you choose botanical gardens in Donetsk

    Looking for botanical gardens in Donetsk?
    We are located in the east of Ukraine, very close to Russia. We recently suffered the Dombash war, but our city has learned from it, and we are trying to return to normality, peace and work. We have more than one million inhabitants and are therefore one of the great Ukrainian powers. We are located on the Kalmius River, which undoubtedly offers a series of sights and landscapes that are not to be missed!
    If you want to search for botanical gardens in Donetsk or other things related to Donetsk, feel free to dig deep at, as we are ready for anything you can think of. Our team is varied, and we handle all kinds of information surrounding the city, that's why you should choose us!
    We are starting this project with a lot of enthusiasm and we would like you to join us!